The TGV from Paris Charles De Gaulle to Avignon

I have been thinking over your trip and thought I should write a bit about travelling on the TGV.
You will arrive early in the morning. When you have cleared Customs and collected your luggage and emerged into the Terminal turn right. After a few minutes you will start seeing signs for SNCF ahead . That’s the station ,which is part of the Terminal.
You may have a 10-15 minute walk ,depending on your arrival gate.
You will know you are getting warm when you pass a Maccas on your left. Then you will see a Sheraton Hotel.
A bit past this you will see a sign to a down escalator ( or lift) to the station. If you take the lift you can hang on to your trolley a bit longer.
You go down one level and you are in the station .
There are signboards for the trains which indicate the platforms . They generally only work half an hour ahead.
On this level are toilets ,( you have to pay — welcome to France ), and cafes. The best one is called Paul. Most people buy food and drink at these to consume on the train.
We usually go down to the platform about 10 minutes before the train is due.
On your ticket is the carriage number and your seat number. Many of the carriages are double deckers. On the platform you will find illuminated signs showing the train number and where the carriages will be on the platform when it stops . Along the platform at intervals you will see alphabetical letters and this sign will indicate where the carriages will be in relation to these letters when the train stops . So if you are in carriage 6 it might be adjacent to M on the platform . So make your way  to M and wait for the train to stop.
Now it gets interesting!
On the side of the carriage , near the door , is an illuminated sign showing the carriage number . Check this.
French people by and large do not queue. So there will be a bunfight at the door as people try and get on board and get their luggage on board. Our strategy is for one of us to get on board and for the other to pass over the luggage.
Having got on board , check whether your seats are upstairs or downstairs ,if it’s a double decker. In either event my advice is to stash the luggage downstairs. There is never enough space in the luggage area so you may have to store the big stuff in the entrance area ,like everyone else does.
Having stashed your luggage ,find your seats ,which are numbered. Quite often there will be someone in your seat in the hope it’s not booked . Show them your ticket and give them the death stare .
The overhead storage racks are pretty shallow and won’t accommodate a lot of carryon luggage. So you might have to store some under your feet.
Toilets are good.
There is a buffet car ,but the food is really disappointing and the coffee machine is usually broken . But you can buy water and beer or wine.
Having taken your seats and got settled ,you will find the trip is fabulous.
Then you face the same bunfight when you get to Avignon.
Having got yourselves and your luggage off with minimal damage I suggest you get the lift down to the foyer. Once there, face in the direction the train is going and turn left out the doors. Once you are through the doors you will see the taxi stand near the car rental place.
That’s it !

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