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After a considerable absence, mainly due to indolence, I’m getting back in the saddle and blogging on!
In a bit under 3 weeks we are heading back to France for a while and I have all sorts of good intentions about regular blogs.  But to start I just have to report our latest problems with – you guessed it- Orange ! Arghhhh!
Orange Strikes Again!
Readers of this blog will recall the struggle we had getting hooked up by Orange when we bought our house in Sanilhac.  We still have problems there- the WIFI only works in about a quarter of the house, even with so – called boosters – and there is no mobile reception. To use the mobile you have to go into the street!  Life in the fast lane in France.  Blame the thick walls.
About a year ago we bought an apartment in Uzes from a friend.  Seemed a good idea at the time.  Having been through it all when we bought the house we thought the communications side of things would be a breeze. Wrong!
First of all, you can’t transfer WIFI.  You have to cancel the old one and start again.  This involves the best part of an hour on the phone and if you don’t speak French, don’t even think about it.
The WIFI comes over the telephone line, as it does here, but Orange takes 2 weeks to flick the switch.  You also get a thing called a Livebox, which we call a router I think.  Instead of sending it to your address, Orange insists on sending it to a tobacconist’s shop where you go to collect it.  You then install it yourself.  The same goes for the pay TV hardware.
Being veterans of all this we sort of knew what to do so we collected the hardware in a timely manner and with our manager Loesje’s help we got it installed.  Sure enough, in a fortnight the WIFI went live and we were on the air,or maybe on a cloud?
We were back in France for Xmas (foie gras, roast goose and sago plum pudding) and spent a couple of nights at the apartment.  We noticed that the WIFI and pay TV weren’t working.  Loesje said she thought it was a damaged plug.  We asked her to get it fixed. Little did we know………
It turned out that buying the apartment left us with no money, so we decided to put it on the market in December.  As luck would have it we found a buyer very quickly.  Settlement was fixed for march.
When the settlement was imminent we were told that the pay TV and WIFI were still not working.  A boffin was engaged.  He said that there was no problem in the apartment, the problem was, you guessed it, no signals from Orange.  The boffin spent an hour on the phone to Orange who said that they had no record of the apartment or of our connection despite:
♦ us having an Orange issued livebox and set top box which have serial numbers
♦ us having money deducted from our French bank account monthly for the pay TV
♦ WiFi and pay TV both being connected and working earlier in the year
Loesje took the hardware to the Orange shop in nearby Nimes and explained the problem.  She got the good old Gallic shrug!  Not our problem.
It’s pretty unbelievable. We are told that there is nothing we can do.
So the new owner now has to run the gauntlet with Orange or one of its competitors like Free ( which isn’t , but who cares)

Welcome to France

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